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Collective Worship

Collective Worship 2020-2021

Collective Worship  is a key feature in the life of Totternhoe CE Academy.   We join together to worship and give thanks. 

​We have a daily act of collective worship where we meet as a school community to sing hymns, listen to stories, reflect on them and pray  together.

At our times of Worship we come together to...
be together,
pause and be still,
reflect and pray,
celebrate and shine,
worship and sing
Collective Worship will continue  in the Autumn term, albeit in a different format to how we have held it in the past. Classes will join in with the whole school Collective Worship  via Zoom or Class Dojo, or will have Collective Worship with their  own teachers in  their own classroom. 

Harvest Festival October 2020


This year we were unable to visit St Giles’ Church for our annual Harvest Service, but we more than made up for it with three virtual Harvest Services!
The first one on Tuesday was a pre-recorded Service from Reverend Kaushal at St Giles’ Church, well … from his Vicarage garden to be precise! It was lovely to see and hear from him again and we enjoyed joining in with the Lord’s Prayer.
The second service, on Wednesday, was a pre-recorded Service from Bishop Richard, from the Diocese of St Albans, assisted by the pupils of St Nicholas Primary, Stevenage. We really enjoyed finding out about the Bishop’s 2020 Harvest Appeal ‘Creating a Buzz in Nepal’, which we will learn more about after half term.

The third and most exciting service was on Thursday, when Rowan Class shared their amazing Harvest Service ‘Church Mice‘, which included some uplifting songs for each class to sing along to!


Well done Rowan Class for such a superb Harvest Service.



At the beginning of the  Summer term we introduced our school Reflection Cross, which was been placed on the grass at the front of our school. Many pupils and their families walked or rode their bikes to school and placed their beautifully decorated stones into the cross.
The stones all represent the different ways in which our pupils have taken the time to think about how they can put other people's needs before their own, and as you can see  they make a very powerful image when viewed together. 
If you have not yet brought a stone into school but would like to, please feel free to  place  your stone in the Reflection Cross.


See Key Information page for Collective Worship Policy

​Collective Worship at Totternhoe is a highly valued time of the school day, where the whole school community gathers together in a time that is honouring and worthy to God. During Collective Worship, our values provide opportunities   for discussion about diversity, spiritual growth and development in our children and adults. This is demonstrated through the teachings of Jesus, stories from a range of cultures and backgrounds, and personal experiences of our pupils and adults.


The school uses the Christian values of the 'Roots and Fruits' materials to add depth to the values teaching.  Each half term the theme of our Collective Worship is based on our value, as well as the suggested themes set by the Diocese of St Albans. In addition, we link the festivals and seasons of the church calendar,  to national celebrations and special days, to further enrich our whole school ethos.

The Christian character of our school positively contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children, by providing opportunities for them to learn about other people's faiths, feelings and values during Collective Worship, including those planned by pupils, reflection times, RE lessons and extra-curricular activities. 

We extend a warm welcome to Reverend Kaushal to lead Collective Worship each week, where he has been teaching the children the Lord's Prayer, as well as providing additional teachings about significant events in the Christian calendar, including Christmas and Easter. 

We  also welcome the 'Open the Book' team from St Giles, who  come along once each school term to lead Collective Worship in a fun, interactive and  engaging way. They often choose children to come to the front and join in, helping them to deliver their message by acting out stories or reading out passages from the Bible.