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Welcome to Year 3 Oak Class

Mr Belgrave and Miss Fox

Spring Term 2024


Art and DT (Design Technology)


Immerse your child in a captivating exploration of artistic techniques through sketching, printmaking, and sculpture in our Ammonite project. This engaging initiative not only introduces them to the fascinating world of art but also allows them to experiment and express their creativity in various mediums. From mastering the intricacies of sketching to delving into the realms of printmaking and sculpture, this project promises a well-rounded artistic experience.


Making it Move

Our Making it Move project takes your child on an exciting journey into the realm of mechanics and creativity. Specifically focusing on cam mechanisms, students will delve into experimentation with different cam shapes. Beyond theoretical knowledge, they will actively participate in designing, crafting, and ultimately evaluating a child's automaton toy. This hands-on experience ensures a thorough understanding of how movement is intricately linked with design, providing a unique blend of fun and educational exploration.



Programming Turtle Academy and Scratch

We will engage in coding by employing algorithms and mathematics to create geometric shapes and patterns using the online coding software: Turtle Academy Furthermore, we will explore the high-level block-based visual programming language and website Scratch to apply coding skills. This hands-on approach to coding not only enhances computational thinking but also encourages creativity and problem-solving in the digital realm.



Persuasive Letter

We will explore the world through the engaging narrative of "Krindlekrax" by Philip Ridley, hone our skills in persuasive letter writing, incorporating persuasive language, and dive into the art of crafting vivid setting descriptions and figurative language.


Information Leaflet

Discovering the enchanting tale of "Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure" by Alex T. Smith will help us delve into the art of creating informative leaflets, mastering narrative dialogue and endings, and exploring the intriguing realm of riddles.


Formal Letter

Embarking on a literary journey with "The Last Bear" by Hannah Gold will assist us to develop formal letter-writing skills, embracing the nuances of formal language while integrating persuasive language to convey compelling messages.



Year 3 will be unleashing our creativity in the realm of poetry, exploring kennings and quatrains by immersing ourselves in the art of rhyming, mastering syllabic patterns, and expanding our vocabulary to craft evocative and expressive verses. In essence, we shall engage in the beauty of language and self-expression through the poetic form.



Les Animaux (Animals)

In our French lessons, we will explore the world of ten different animals. Match each new French word to its corresponding picture, and challenge yourself to remember the names of at least five animals in French without any assistance. Test your spelling skills by attempting to correctly spell at least three animals in French. As part of our language learning journey, we will also engage with the French version of "Dear Zoo."


Comptines et Chansons (Nursery Rhymes) 

Additionally, we will immerse ourselves in Nursery Rhymes, including familiar tunes such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Petit Poussins," "Old MacDonald," "Elephant Swing," "Spider," and "Wheels on the Bus." Get ready for a fun and enriching linguistic experience in our French sessions!



Volcanoes and Earthquakes

We will be studying volcanoes and earthquakes. This will encompass the features and characteristics of Earth's layers, including a detailed exploration of volcanic, tectonic, and seismic activity.



Place Value

Explore the world of place value as we delve into partitioning 3-digit numbers and placing them on a number line. Gain a solid understanding of multiplication by 100 and division by 100 as inverses.



Embark on a journey into fractions by discovering how to find 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1/3, and 2/3 of amounts. Develop a comprehensive concept of fractions, including the notion of halving. Dive into finding fractions of amounts and master the use of unit and non-unit fractions through division.


Place Value and Money

In the context of money, comprehend place value; explore multiplication by 10 and division by 10. Represent 3-digit numbers in various formats and engage in addition and subtraction with monetary amounts.


Time and Data

Enhance time-telling skills to the nearest 5 minutes and explore Roman numerals. Dive into time-related events, units of time, and pictograms. Learn to tell time to the nearest minute and develop the ability to calculate and compare time intervals. Gain proficiency in calculating intervals using different units of time.


Addition & Subtraction

Refine mental addition skills with 2-digit numbers and expand into the world of expanded addition with 3-digit numbers. Develop strategies for subtraction, including counting up subtraction for numbers greater than 100. Master various subtraction strategies for numbers exceeding 100, ensuring a well-rounded mathematical foundation.



Exploring songs with 2 Chords

We will undergo a fantastic new emphasis that we did not have at the beginning of the year. We will include playing ukuleles and listening to and appraising  songs that adhere to the 2-chord structure. Additionally, we will learn how to play and sing "Sweet Dreams Baby", "Iko Iko", "Achy Breaky Heart" and "Buffalo Girls" on the ukulele.


PE (Physical Education)

Dodgeball, basketball, dance and cricket.

We are excited to delve into a diverse range of activities throughout the term. Our curriculum will encompass Dodgeball, where students will refine their agility and coordination while engaging in a dynamic and team-oriented sport. Basketball will offer an opportunity to enhance both individual and collaborative skills on the court, focusing on techniques such as shooting, dribbling, and teamwork.


Furthermore, the term will include Dance, providing students with a creative outlet for expression and movement. They will explore various dance styles, fostering an appreciation for rhythm, choreography, and self-expression. Additionally, our PE programme will feature Cricket, allowing students to develop their batting, bowling, and fielding techniques in this traditional and strategic team sport.


P.S.H.C.E (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)

Dreams and Goals

Exploring aspirations and ambitions, and confronting new challenges with motivation and enthusiasm. Learning to recognize and overcome obstacles, evaluate learning processes, and manage emotions. Engaging in the practical skill of simple budgeting to instil financial responsibility.


Healthy Me

Embracing exercise and participating in fitness challenges to promote a healthy lifestyle. Gaining insights into food labelling and healthy swaps for nutritious choices. Developing a responsible attitude towards drugs, understanding the importance of safety both online and offline, and cultivating respect for oneself and others. Making informed and healthy choices for a balanced and thriving life.


RE (Religious Education)

L2.2; Why do some people think life is like a journey? How and why do people mark the significant events of life?

We will explore the concept of life as a journey, delve into the reasons behind this perspective and investigate how individuals from various beliefs mark significant life events, examining practices among Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and those with non-religious affiliations.


L2.5: Why do Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’? 

Additionally, we will focus on the question: "Why do Christians refer to the day of Jesus' death as 'Good Friday'?"  We will gain insights into the theological and cultural significance attached to this particular day in the Christian faith.


Our RE curriculum aims to foster a broad understanding of diverse perspectives and beliefs.



Animals Including Humans

We will be discovering the fascinating world of Animals Including Humans, learning to identify and categorise animals based on the presence or absence of skeletons and delve into a comparison of their distinct modes of movement. We will be matching animals to their respective skeletons by providing explanations of choices, contemplating the hypothetical scenario of humans without skeletons and exploring the crucial roles of bones, such as support (e.g., backbone), protection (e.g., cranium), and movement (e.g., joints).


Forces and Magnets

We will grasp the concept that forces are manifested through pushes and pulls, influencing the motion of objects and explore how these forces come into play, initiating movement, increasing or decreasing speed, or bringing objects to a halt. For example, the analogy of a cyclist exerting force on the pedals to set a bike in motion—the more vigorous the pedalling, the greater the speed. We will also delve into the mechanics of deceleration as the cyclist applies brakes, causing the bike to gradually slow down and eventually come to a stop and uncover the dynamic relationship between forces and motion.



Please note that our timetable is flexible and may be subject to change.

Class Homework


Weekly Homework

  • Each week, your child will be set:
  • 1 x English or Maths based homework
  • Spellings to learn
  • TTRS practise
  • Daily Reading


Please upload a picture of your completed homework to ClassDojo.

Spelling Shed
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Termly Grid Homework
There is also termly grid homework. Pick three and have each one completed by the dates listed. You are more than welcome to do them in advance or do more than three.

This term our class readers and set texts for Eglish will be....

Useful Information


PE is every Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child wears their named, correct PE kit in school on these days, that earrings are not worn and long hair is tied up.



The children have access to their water bottles in the classroom during the day. Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school which is taken home regularly to be washed.



Every Friday we change our Library Books in the school library (Reading books can be changed any day of the week)



Your child is welcome to bring in a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables each day. 



Reading books are your child's responsibility and they will be responsible for changing their own book. Please record the date and title of the book that they have chosen in their reading record and make sure that your child’s reading record is signed to say they have finished their book and read as regularly as you can with them at home.

Please make sure reading books and reading records are brought in every day.

Autumn Term 2023

This term we will be exploring rocks in science and learning about the three different types of rock (metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary)  We shall be delving into the Roman empire in history and using that knowledge to create mosaics in art and creating some fabulous writing in English. For music, we will be learning singing and instruments for Harvest and Christmas songs.  In French, we will learn greetings and fruits and vegetables.

Weekly Timetable

Please note that Oak class have a flexible timetable and this is subject to change.

In Year 3 we have been reading....