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House System

House Points


Final Winners of 2021-2022!


We have been adding up the many House Points that the children have been busy earning, and have included the points earned during the two Sports Days, and the grand totals are as follows:


 Air House - 4086 House Points


Water House - 4530 House Points


Fire House - 4656 House Points


… and the House Winners are:


Earth House with 4678 House Points!! Well done Earth House!

House Cup Winners 2021-2022


At  Totternhoe CE Academy we use a  House system.  All the children and staff in school have been allocated a house and spend some time each week in their house, building team skills and working together to complete challenges, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of our Christian Values. 

Throughout the year, children can earn individual house points for academic achievements, including showing great effort, and can earn house points for displaying our Christian Values towards their friends, peers and adults in the school. House points are also awarded for attendance, improved attendance, representing the school and participating in a class or school production.

These individual house points are then carried over into the main house tally and each week we announce the running totals and celebrate which house is the winner. We also celebrate the half termly and termly winners. At the end of the year we celebrate the overall winner and they win the House Cup, which is decorated with ribbons in the winning house colours.

When we introduced the Houses, the first task for the newly formed houses was to choose names for each house, and to design a house logo.  The winning designs were made into the House Captain and Vice-Captain badges.  They were created in 2016 by: 

Fire - Kaya (Y3)
Water - Holly (Y2)
Air - Jade (Y2)
Earth - Bojta (Y2)
The House and Vice-Captains are decided each year by a vote amongst the house members. Each of the children putting themselves forward for a position are required to present themselves to the other members of their house.  Our new House and Vice-Captains for the new academic year are:


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